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Winners & Highly Commended 2015

  • Innovation in sustainability and social responsibility

    01. Barclays Bank - Digital Driving Licence
    Barclays Bank - Digital Driving Licence

    The Barclays Digital Driving Licence (DDL) is a free, one-stop resource for people to learn more, so they can do more with digital. The interactive learning tool, accessible online or as an app, is available for everyone (internally and externally) who wants to further their digital skills and become more digitally confident. The DDL opens people up to engage with new channels, new services, and keep up to speed with the digital world, thus enabling greater digital participation and inclusion.
  • Best financial start-up

    02. Gentoo Genie - Genie
    Gentoo Genie - Genie

    The Genie product is a highly innovative way of helping people buy their own home without a deposit or mortgage. A UK first that brings a fresh option to homebuyers, it has the potential to help address the challenges faced by many buyers in the housing market as well as bringing security not offered through renting. Customers choose a home at a set level of monthly payment and build up shares in their property over a 30- year term until they own it outright.
  • Best financial start-up

    MarketInvoice - Invoice Finance Product - Highly Commended

    From a standing start in 2011, MarketInvoice has grown exponentially to become a leading player in the invoice finance sector. With an easy to use business model, MarketInvoice has taken on the big banks by offering speedy responses, simplified fee structures and no tie-ins flexible service has led to business success and customer satisfaction as they close in on the headline milestone of £500 million of invoices traded.
  • Most innovative use of data

    03. LV= - Call Activity Analysis
    LV= - Call Activity Analysis

    LV= have made significant improvements across their business by collecting and analysing call data to help remove blockages to good service and improving the online journey ensuring customers do not have to switch to the phone. Customer satisfaction and staff morale have increased and LV= has improved efficiency, making considerable cost savings directly attributable to this initiative. Management have used the analysis when building their new target operating models, helping to shape a future that learns from the past and future proofs the business.
  • Best risk project or governance initiative

    04. YBS Group - IT Service Delivery (ITSD) Assurance and Control Framework Transformation
    YBS Group - IT Service Delivery (ITSD) Assurance and Control Framework Transformation

    This innovative and collaborative initiative was built by in-house IT professionals, based on consultation about what measures determine risk. A Risk & Control framework was built around three main goals: people, assurance and strategies. This has fully engaged colleagues and external practitioners have called it unique, while success has been measured through the best ever results from an annual external audit.

  • Best risk project or governance initiative

    04. Lloyds Bank International - Complaint Handling
    Lloyds Bank International - Complaint Handling - Highly Commended

    Lloyds Bank International has successfully introduced a comprehensive and robust complaints handling system which builds on a three-part strategy. Complaints are handled at the first point of contact wherever possible, colleagues’ expertise is shared through the ‘Phone a Friend’ system and learning is effectively disseminated via the Root Cause Analysis Team. These initiatives have led to significant improvements in NPS scores as well as reducing the number of reportable complaints.
  • Innovation in cash management or treasury services

    05. Idea Bank SA - Idea Bank's Mobile CDM Fleet
    Idea Bank SA - Idea Bank's Mobile CDM Fleet

    Idea Bank is a Polish midsize bank, committed to a sustainable organic development strategy of delivering innovative, SME-targeted tools for business management. Recognising that SME owners faced time and security challenges in managing and banking cash, Idea Bank decided to launch a fleet of CDM-laden electric cars. Clients can book a visit from a CDM vehicle via a dedicated mobile app, fee and commission free, usually within 30 minutes of request or make an advance booking for added convenience.

  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – deposits, savings and loans

    06. Halifax - Halifax Car Plan Extra
    Halifax - Halifax Car Plan Extra

    Customers’ increasing willingness to accept non-advised financial decisions led Halifax to create a market-first online lending product for when their current account holders wished to purchase a car – they are the first bank to offer vehicle finance online. The direct channel removes third-party commission costs, enabling Halifax to set more competitive interest rates. Their knowledge of the customer leads to an affordable offering and a simple digital end-to-end experience that is transparent in terms of costs.
  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – deposits, savings and loans


    Hana Bank - Save Mortgage Loan - Highly Commended

    Save Mortgage Loan is Korea’s first fully processed online mortgage product, offering an innovative fixed-rate mortgage loan with the Korea Housing Finance Corporation (KHFC), an organisation similar to the ‘Fannie Mae’ in the U.S. This product has significantly improved customer convenience as the whole procedure from loan application through to closing can be handled without visiting the bank’s branch. Potential mortgage clients save time and money through the accessibility and efficiency which provides a lower cost base.
  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – investments, pensions and protection

    07. Lloyds Bank Private Banking - Making Financial Planning Simple and Accessible

    Lloyds Bank Private Banking - Making Financial Planning Simple and Accessible

    With many clients finding it difficult to visualise their future financial requirements, Lloyds Bank Private Banking have introduced a new market-leading videoconferencing solution, strengthening the connection between adviser and client, offering flexible access and a visually–engaging, real-time experience. It allows clients to take control of their financial planning by creating different ‘what-if’ scenarios and to benefit from live-feed advice.

  • Innovation in supporting business or enterprise - business support

    08. RBS Group - Entreprenurial Spark powered by NatWest
    RBS Group - Entrepreneurial Spark powered by NatWest

    RBS’ exciting partnership with Entrepreneurial Spark aims to build a vibrant entrepreneurial community. Small business start-ups are increasing rapidly and Entrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures. With a collaborative office environment, access to business enablement and a support pool of more than 50 specialised mentors in a programme lasting up to 18 months, the focus is on developing entrepreneurial mindsets to enable growth and increasing the likelihood of long-term success.
  • Innovation in supporting business or enterprise - business support

    Idea Bank SA - Idea Bank's Experimental Bank Branches - Highly Commended

    Polish midsize SME bank, Idea Bank, aims to revive branch banking by adjusting their purpose to clients’ real needs. It has developed experimental bank branches targeted at sole proprietors who cannot afford permanent office premises by equipping branches with a range of office facilities, as well as a fully staffed café and banking facilities. These are repackaged in a comfortable, business-friendly environment where customers can work, meet clients or attend training events, all designed to help SME owners grow their business.
  • Innovation in supporting business or enterprise - alternative financing

    09. MarketInvoice - Invoice Finance Product
    MarketInvoice - Invoice Finance Product

    Launched in February 2011, MarketInvoice is a UK-based fintech company which has grown to become Europe’s largest online invoice trader. It was the UK’s first online marketplace allowing companies to selectively and confidentially sell outstanding invoices to raise working capital. The peer-to-peer model allows flexibility, with no personal guarantees or lock-ins, and offers a clear fee structure. The transparent, swift and simple service allows customers to access funding within 24 hours of application and has contributed to the growth of the company.
  • Best technology partnership

    10. Aktif Bank - PassoLig

    Aktif Bank - PassoLig

    PassoLig is a visionary partnership between Aktif Bank, the Turkish Authorities and the Turkish Football Association to create a streamlined technological solution to the problem of football violence, by requiring every fan to purchase tickets via their designated PassoLig card, thus giving the authorities knowledge of who is in the stadium. However, the card offers much more as a contactless EMV-enabled transport card, e-wallet and affinity card, covering the whole match day experience, with more features planned in the future.

  • Most effective cultural transformation or staff participation initiative

    11. Barclays - The Brand Agent Programme

    Barclays - The Brand Agent Programme

    The Brand Agent programme is a colleague-led, world class initiative operating internally across Barclays. The programme was established to help rebuild trust in the Barclays brand from the grass roots up. Brand Agents are a diverse cohort of around 400 highly engaged employees from all roles and regions who – alongside their daily roles – champion the brand, motivate colleagues and communicate business messages across the organisation. The programme acts as a business-wide monitor, effectively connecting the different areas of the bank.

  • Most effective cultural transformation or staff participation initiative

    11. LV= - Sales and Service Target Operating Model Programme

    LV= - Sales and Service Target Operating Model Programme - Highly Commended

    With multiple sites and product-based customer service, LV= wanted to improve the customer experience journey and improve customer satisfaction scores by being able to deal with queries on a ‘one-stop-shop’ basis. By changing their operating model and working practices and widening colleague skills, they have implemented a programme to transform the business and upskill staff to deal with all types of call without having to transfer the customer. This has improved the job variety and increased job satisfaction for customer service representatives, as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Most effective back office initiative

    12. Wesleyan - New Bank System

    Wesleyan - New Bank System

    To underpin ambitious performance growth targets set by management for the next five years and beyond, Wesleyan recognised that their ageing computer system needed to be replaced. This entry demonstrates how Wesleyan successfully managed and implemented a complete Bank System renewal with meticulous planning and carefully chosen partnerships. The new system has had a huge impact on business, opening up new opportunities, significantly improving NPS and bringing increased customer satisfaction.

  • Most innovative application of technology – financial services institutions – customer advice and support

    13. Lloyds Bank Private Banking - Launching Live Document Sharing, Video Conferencing and a Financial Planning Tool
    Lloyds Bank Private Banking - Launching Live Document Sharing, Video Conferencing and a Financial Planning Tool

    In partnership with a market-leading financial planning tool provider, Lloyds Bank Private Banking developed a tailored solution to provide expert advice to as many clients as possible, regardless of age, circumstance or location in the UK. It utilises live document sharing and video conferencing technology to offer real benefits to all parties. An adviser interface integrates with back office systems, improving efficiency and minimising duplication, while clients can create ‘what-if’ scenarios using the interactive, visually engaging system.
  • Most innovative application of technology – financial services institutions – customer advice and support

    13. Nationwide Now - Leading the way with Innovation

    Nationwide Now - Leading the way with Innovation - Highly Commended

    Nationwide Now (NNOW) is an industry leading innovation, which has revolutionised the way we can respond to high customer demand for mortgage, financial planning or personal banking appointments. With higher demand for appointments, capacity came under pressure, and NNOW was launched. It provides high definition, video-conferencing from interview rooms within branches with trained consultants based at a UK contact centre. The addition of screen sharing, printing and scanning support has all enhanced the customer experience and generated excellent feedback.

  • Most innovative application of technology - financial services institutions - product enhancement and accessibility

    14. Citi Retail Services - Citi Retail Services' Digital Evolution

    Citi Retail Services - Digital Evolution

    Citi wanted to deliver high quality new account acquisition and self-service across their retail partnerships, but were hindered by environmental and legacy challenges. This led them to embark on a three-year strategy to rework their digital capabilities and supporting infrastructure from the ground up. This flexible, responsive customisation framework focused on reengineering to create a seamless integration of banking and retailing functionality, driving sales and more effective customer engagement, and delivering a consistent user experience across multiple devices.


  • Innovation in marketing and communications

    15. LV= - Retirement Pathfinder Campaign

    LV= - Retirement Pathfinder Campaign

    LV= wanted to embed good practice in their response to the changes to pensions legislation, which gave clients more freedom in retirement income planning. A  customer-centric approach led to the development of a unique tool – the Retirement Pathfinder – and a strong educational and informative marketing campaign directed at advisers encouraged them to try out the tool for themselves. Successful trials which helped them to understand the impact and benefits of the tool on client recommendations led to high adoption rates.

  • Most innovative financial services solution - technology vendors

    16. BCA Research - BCA Edge, Redefining Investment Research

    BCA Research - BCA Edge: Redefining Investment Research

    A market leader in independent macroeconomic research, BCA has provided the investment community with insightful, engaging and actionable investment analysis for more than 60 years. Through applying its proprietary and innovative approach to its investment research solutions, it turns content into actionable information for investment professionals, for whom it is only relevant if it can be accessed as part of their workflow. BCA’s technology unlocks the value of research and provides the tools to integrate it into everyday work life.

  • Most innovative financial services solution - technology vendors


    ansarada - Simplifying M&A - Highly Commended

    ansarada is one of the world’s leading and pioneering providers of virtual data rooms (VDR) designed exclusively to facilitate global mergers and acquisition deals. Building a reputation on excellent customer service, they offer a ‘follow the sun’ customer service and an intensive training programme for operatives to maximise service standards. The customer experience based on a simple, intuitive, secure, browser-based system is designed to assist the complexities of M&A transactions, with powerful, easy-to-use features and high-speed processing.

  • Best payments initiative

    17. Credorax - The Credorax Best Payments Initiative

    Credorax - The Credorax Best Payments Initiative

    Credorax is an innovative merchant acquiring bank specialising in cross-border ecommerce. Its payment exchange initiative facilitates and levels the global e-commerce

    playing field for any online merchant, regardless of their demographic, geographical location or socioeconomic status. It offers a single, unified global-domestic payment platform and has formed key partnerships with regional payment service providers to help SMEs expand into international markets, helping them to overcome the challenges of doing business across borders.

  • Most innovative support for customers in vulnerable circumstances

    18. Capital One - Helping Customers to Succeed with QuickSwitch and Paydown

    Capital One - Helping Customers to Succeed with QuickSwitch and Paydown

    Capital One teamed up with the Fairbanking Foundation and behavioural experts to undertake pioneering research to understand why customers choose to make minimum payments on their credit cards. This enabled them to understand how to engage with, and protect vulnerable customers. They developed a radical new customer emailing system designed to encourage them to pay off more by using positive language techniques, helping customers to reduce their interest charges and improve paydown times and making their financial status better.

  • Excellence in customer experience - customer-centric business enhancement

    19. LV= - One Call Resolution

    LV= - One Call Resolution

    LV= aims to offer great service by being easy to deal with, offering great value and treating customers with care and respect. A new way of working, known as ‘One Call Resolution’ has enabled them to improve customer satisfaction, the customer journey and overall efficiency by aiming to resolve customer queries on the first call. Multiskilled staff, a paperless system and measuring customer outcome and experience as a KPI have transformed the operation and improved customer ratings.

  • Excellence in customer experience - customer focused products and services

    20. Turkiys Ekonomi Bankasi - CEPTETEB

    Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası - CEPTETEB

    CEPTETEB is a branchless banking channel designed to appeal to a young, urban population which is ultra-connected, mobile and independent. It focuses on delivering a unique banking experience based on easy login and search, reduced friction in transactions and a modern, comprehensive user experience. The iOS or Android app features breakthrough design elements, innovative features such as money withdrawal via QR wallet or bill payments via a barcode scanner and a channel optimised experience, all designed to maximise customer facility and satisfaction.

  • Best community banking initiative

    21. Barclays - Banking on Change

    Barclays - Banking on Change

    Banking on Change aims to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest people living on less than US$2 a day through a proven, savings-led (rather than credit-led) approach to microfinance. It gives people in seven countries the opportunities and skills to save and manage their money more effectively and provides access to basic financial services through informal savings groups. The project has broken down the barriers impeding these groups from accessing formal banking products to achieve financial inclusion.

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products

    22. Lloyds Banking Group - Current Accout and Overdraft Eligibility Checker

    Lloyds Banking Group - Current Account and Overdraft Eligibility Checker

    There are almost two million UK unbanked adults. LBG has committed to take a lead in financial inclusion, to enable all individuals to access financial services. Their Eligibility Checker is a UK first, a tool to help potential new customers see if they are eligible for a current account or overdraft without impacting their credit score and offering them a basic cash account if they do not qualify for a full facility account. It also offers links to personal financial guides to help the customer.

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products

    22. RBS - Automated Treasury Solutions

    RBS - Automated Treasury Solutions - Highly Commended

    ATS is a market-first automated loan risk management and financing tool which offers simplicity of portfolio hedging, with the precision of loan-by-loan hedging. It provides a new way to manage key risk metrics and financing with flexible and streamlined access, transforming the way clients reduce risks and driving operational efficiencies. It does this through the innovative use of cutting edge technology and automation in place of traditional alternatives which are typically highly manual, operationally intensive and suboptimally connected.